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Green Surroundings LLC. offer a high quality, most comprehensive master plans for new garden, and practical approach in rejuvenation of old ones.  With over 30 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, our design is environmentally friendly, and original.  Our projects list includes wetland estuary, perennial borders, meadows, shade trees, pools’ garden and others. Many of our gardens were awarded on local and international level.




Landscaping Designer for Westchester County, NYOrganic Landscape Designs

Call Green Surroundings LLC  to help you with your new outdoor room, your pool, your front yard. Let us offer you a fresh, delightful design that is easy to maintain, and you would love to spend your days in.

One of Green Surroundings LLC. expertise is in old garden restoration. Proper pruning can bring out the beauty of old plants; improving soil quality will do wonder and division of old flowers insures abundance of flowers, saving you time and money.

All our work done organically, and are safe to enjoy by your children and your pets. Using the principles of modern Permaculture we have the know how in creating 4 seasons, colorful deer proof gardens, most suitable for each location.


Some Benefits of Our Organic Gardening Methods:

  • Safe to enjoy 24/7/365  by kids, pets and everybody else
  • Promotes and enhances soil health
  • Restores natural ecosystem
  • The use of native plants encourages biodiversity
  • Minimizes water, soil, and air pollution restoring ecological harmony
  • By practicing the latest in Permaculture technics, our gardens conserves water, sustainable, and regenerate themselves over time. 
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