Green Surrounding came into being about 15 years ago after years of school and five years in the nursery business.  My work is unique, not only in design, but in its concept of wholesome relationship between man and land.  I believe that it should be a collaboration that benefits both and harms none.  Accordingly, I do my best to follow a few principles that help to implement what I believe:

  • We work with nature.  Not against.
  • Match the right plant to the place at the right time.
  • Use ecologically sound gardening practices.
  • Avoid use of chemicals; always look for alternatives.

Gardens are created to please us, welcome us into them, not just to admire from afar.

Last but not least, I promise to:

  • Provide you with polite, courteous service.
  • Work in a clean, fast & professional manner.
  • Give you a fun garden that you will love to spend your time in.
  • Listen to you.  In English.

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